Earn2Life: Make Free, Easy Lindens Completing Offers, Surveys and Visiting in-world locations

In this post we are going to be focusing on a free and easy lindens program called Earn2Life. Earn2Life offers you a number of different ways to make free and easy lindens in second life. You can make easy lindens from completing surveys or even just visiting an area. This is a great way of making easy lindens whilst exploring the wonderful virtual world of second life.

Here's what Earn2Life say about themselves...

Your timing couldn’t be better! By joining Earn2Life now, you will be one of the first to receive the unique chance of getting into brand new, interesting and really hot programs

Earn2Life.com offers several ways to make money in Second Life, starting from simple offers up to a real in-world job.

  • Web Offers - earn lindens by completing online surveys!
  • Pay4Visit Offers - earn lindens by visiting places in Second Life
  • Pay4Picks Offers - earn lindens by adding picks to your profile

E2L Support Chairs - sit on the chair, help people, earn easy lindens!

Job: Support Manager - We are looking for support managers for our projects. See details inside.
Job: Wiki Editor - Earn2Life.com need editors and translators to create and update E2L wiki content! (also see the Article Requests)

We have hundreds of offers available and you will be able to complete as many offers per day as you wish. There are no limits!

Additionally, you can earn more money by referring other people to E2L. This is described in greater detail in the Apprentice Commission section.

Read the FAQ Section if you still have a question. Browse Earn2Life.com support forum if you would like to ask questions to other members.

Last, but not at least: feel free to contact us!

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Good luck on your path to making free and easy Second Life Lindens! Here's a quick video so you can preview it in action...

Winning Easy, Free Lindens in Second Life Contests..

In Second Life some of the most frequented places are clubs. Clubs are very sociable places where people usually come to hang out, chat and listen to music. They can be a great place to network and build your contact list, which is important if you are e.g. running an events business, or marketing a product. Clubs are a good source of income for a lot of Second Life residents, there are various roles within a club from owner to host, DJ to dancer.

But, you don't have to be employed at a club to make easy lindens from them. You can potential make easy lindens whilst building your contact list and chilling out.

What I'm talking about is Contests Boards. You have probably seen or even used them on your travels in Second Life. Usually a competition will be a 'best in...' event e.g. Best in Steam Punk, where residents will come dressed in steam punk. They would then join the contest board and once voting is open people will vote for their favourite. Prize money varies from club to club, competition to competition but you can make easy lindens by just hanging out. I've seen prize money ranging from 200 lindens all the way up to 3000 Lindens.

You can easily find attachments and costumes for events and competitions for free on  the Second Life Marketplace or even in world at one of the many Freebies Islands.

A little tip to help you on your way...
When you have joined a competition and your up on the contest board teleport your friends in to vote  for you once voting is open. The more friends you have online that can teleport for just 30 secs, the more chance you will have of winning
; )

Good Luck to everyone

Easy Lindens: Getting A Second Life Job Using Work Experience

As you probably already know, there are various ways of making free and easy lindens in Second Life. Some who are skilled at scripting or using Photoshop will go onto selling there own products/creations, but for the majority of residents in Second Life that is not a option as they don't possess the skills. That's why most average residents will seek a job or some kind of employment.

This post was originally going to be about finding a job in Second Life, but as I sat thinking I remembered how much like real life Second Life is and how most things that apply in the real world should still apply online. I then remembered back to when I first started, and remembered my friend going into a club and asking for 1 days experience as a dancer and if they could train her. They were more than happy to help her out and took her under their wing. After 3 days she was still there with them learning the ropes, doing 2hrs a night for free. She was enjoying herself so it was easy for her to hang out and learn for free. The next evening she logged on and instantly received an IM, it was from the club owner. One of his usual dancers couldn't make it to work that evening so he asked her if she could stand in for them. Of course she said yes, and happily went to work as a dancer at the club. She continued to dance at the club and was receiving regular pay. After a while they promoted her to hostess.

This is an example of how you could gain a regular Second Life job and a decent Linden income through work experience.

Have a go, see if this can work for you. What have you got to lose?Here are some of the most common jobs available on Second Life



Esscort/Cyber Hoe
Sex Chat/Cam (I dont advise this, unless you already do that kind of stuff and your age verified)

Wages vary from job to job, place to place and a lot of jobs are commission based. Wages are paid out as percentages of Linden takings eg. a dancer could expect to work on commission and be paid 70-90% of Tips taken. A DJ could earn 100% tips or easily up to 1000 Lindens per event (if your good), events usually last around 2hrs.

Here's a tip: If you want to be successful in the entertainment scene you need to network and build up a good contact list. Even start your own personal group. The more people you can get to your events, the more Linden Dollars you will make ; )

How to sell items in the Second Life Marketplace

Well, there is a lot of info to cover so instead of writing it all here im posting a link directly to the Second Life knowledge base. They will be able to explain the process to you much quicker and in more depth.

Heres a quick run down of what they will cover...

    Products and pricing
  • What to sell
  • Pricing your item
    Getting started

    Creating a store
  • Preparing to create your store
  • Creating your store
    Listing items for sale
  • Setting up your item permissions
  • Packaging your items in a box
  • Adding a new item to your Marketplace listings
  • Setting up your Magic Box inworld
  • Adding the item on the Marketplace website
    Previewing your store

    Delivering items to the buyer

Selling items on secondlife is one of the easiest ways to make linden $ and real $.

Knowledge Base

Heres a lil tip...
Research the marketplace a little bit and find what sells. Create or 'aquire' around 100 products to sell. Rent a low rent shop for around  100l$, you need a place to put your Magic Box. The Magic box will deliver your market orders to your inworld customers so needs to be inworld at all times to allow delivery. List your items in the Second Life Marketplace and set up you  Marketplace Shop. Once done, you will have to wait a while for orders to start coming in. For better chances, make sure your titles are keyword rich, not to long, and descriptive, that your advert is indepth and precise, and that your ad image and logo are as good quality as possible.

In the waiting time you can decorate your shop.
Remember, you will need about 1000L$ to start off, to cover cost of rent and upload textures till you start making income. The lower the rent the better, you only need 1 prim for your Magic Box.
Once everything is set up, and you start getting orders, thats it. All you have to do is pay rent to keep your box inworld. Automated SL income. You could always add more stuff to make more money.

Why is Second Life Real Estate such a Tough Business?

Second Life real estate was once prime earning potential. Everyone wanted land and relatively few people were supplying it outside of the Second Life mainland. Once the myth that you could only own land if you had a premium account was busted, residents were clamouring for private estate. Anshe Chung capitalised and hit real life headlines after declaring herself the first person to become a real life millionaire based on her Second Life assets and income.

Her success prompted others to try it for themselves. But with a price tag of $ 1675 USD up front and an additional $ 295 USD each month, a sim was not cheap. This meant that to some extent, becoming a land baron was reserved for the wealthy or the hardcore SL-ers prepared to make an investment. As of September 2007, you could expect to pay around L$17000 for a 2048sqm parcel in the form of an upfront fee! And then you'd have tier on top of that in the region of L$1200/week. For a 4096sqm parcel, an upfront fee of anything from L$ 20000 upwards and around L$ 2500/week. When you consider that these upfront fees would be paid every single time someone new bought a parcel, given the turnover rates of residents on private estate, the estate owners were laughing all the way to the bank.

In March 2008 the Lindens dropped a bombshell. Sims were dropping to $1000 USD. They had effectively just devalued estate owner's holdings by around 40% in the click of a finger. Of course, this did not go down too well with existing estate owners, though went down rather well with those who had always thought about the possibility of trying estate ownership for themselves and never gotten around to it. This led to immense market saturation in a very short period of time. At the same time, Linden Labs also announced that the openspace sim (as it was known at the time) was to improve. Once upon a time you would have had to buy at a time and would have gotten very few prims on it. Linden Lab announced that the prims were rising to 3750 and sims could be bought individually by those who already owned at least one full prim sim. This led to thousands of openspace sims being used as homes and businesses, massively denting the demand for parcels on full prim sims. Of course, this was shortly followed by an announcement that, because people were using the homestead sims as homes and businesses when they were intended as light use, the prices were rising to $125 with no grandfathered tier options for those who had held the sims for a certain length of time. The Lindens soon realised the idiocy of this decision following resident outcry and settled instead for Grandfathering certain 'homesteads' as they became known, at $95/month. The 'openspace' became an entirely different type of sim with just 750 prims, primarily used for sailing.

So the situation as it is today is a saturated market with more demand for homestead sims and proportionally fewer full prim parcels selling than two years back. Homestead offer fewer prims per parcel, but more space and 'privacy'. So consumers must weight up prims versus privacy in deciding where to buy and what type of land to buy.

But the bulk of the Second Life private estate companies now take no up front fee for land. This means that where it was once possible to make an initial investment of $1675 and recoup that very quickly at the same time as being able to expand rapidly, this is no longer possible. Therefore, anyone starting out with just one sim had an incredibly hard time even getting going. The yellow patches of "land for sale" on the private estate maps are excessive. It's a buyer's market. Older companies are selling up their sims and moving on and the newer ones are struggling to even make a mark on the world of virtual real estate. Disillusioned estate owners are trying their luck on alternative platforms like Openlife.

I managed a real estate company in Second Life from September 2007 to June 2009. I saw the major changes and the difficult transitions faced by estate owners and it saddens me to see the state of private estate in world today. The reality is that to start out in real estate in Second Life now, you face bleak prospects. You can either put in the $1000 and struggle to break even for months, while waiting months again to be able to afford a second sim from the income of the first or you need to put in $10000 plus. Either of those options still leaves you with the monumental task of filling your sims up.

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